A Comprehensive Guide To Peroxide Adjuchas

Adjuchas is the middle stage of Hollow evolution, sandwiched between Menos and Vasto Lorde. In Hueco Mundo, these creatures spawn and pose a challenge.

When defeated, non-player Adjuchas leaves behind bodies that take a while to devour. And to chew It, Hollows need to make sure no other NPCs are lurking around. It’s an important phase in the life of a Hollow that paves the way for more advanced forms.

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How To Get Adjuchas Peroxide?

To get Adjuchas In Peroxide, you need to begin with the basic hallow form, the Gillian. And to level up, you must be there for 30 minutes of existence.

Just surviving isn’t enough, you have to clock in that time and take down 30 opponents. As soon as you’ve put in your 30 minutes of Hollow life and scored 30 kill credits, your Gillian self transforms.

You develop into an Adjuchas Peroxide. It’s like reaching a new level in a game, but instead of earning experience points, you earn it through survival and some combat prowess. This process requires patience, time management, and a bit of a killer instinct.

How You Can Become Adjuchas In Peroxide?

Becoming an Adjuchas in Peroxide is a bit of a journey, but we’ll break it down. You start as a Menos, the middle stage of Hollow evolution.

However, the route to transformation hinges on two important elements:: Time and combat prowess. Spend a solid 30 minutes in the Hollow world, and while you’re at it, engage in some battles with fellow Hollows.

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You’ve got to survive and show your mettle by taking down 30 of them. But, life’s not always fair in the Hollow domain. If you happen to meet an untimely demise during this process, you’ll bounce back as a Level 15 Red-eye Hollow.

The best part is the NPC Adjuchas with the Ancient title. These bad boys are game-changers. While they maintain their look, getting the Ancient title amps up their power.

These formidable Hollows have a chance to spawn randomly on the map. And every time you cross paths with these Ancient Adjuchas, they generously contribute 10 kills towards your Vasto progression.

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