A One Piece Game Islands In Order

Roblox A One Piece Game, based on the same-named anime, enables you to take on the role of a pirate and go on many daring adventures that transport you from one Island to another.

An immersive game, One Piece on Roblox, lets users explore the expansive One Piece universe and communicate with other series fans.

The different islands that players can explore are among the game’s features.  You ask, how many islands? All 25 islands in A One Piece Game will be covered in this post in chronological sequence. Read on to find out more about these islands and where they can be found.

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All Islands In Order In A One Piece Game

Here are all islands in order in A One Piece Game:

1.   Starter Island

In A One Piece Game, this is where your adventure starts, as the title would imply. Although it’s a little island with few resources, it’s a fantastic place for new gamers to start.

2.   Shells Town

Shells Town, situated in East Blue, is the second Island. This is where Captain Morgan, the game’s first big boss, may be found.

3.   Wilderness

You’ll arrive in the Wilderness after departing from Shells Town. This is a large region with a wide variety of topography, such as mountains, deserts, and woods.

4.   Arlong Park

Arlong Park, the next Island, is situated in East Blue. This is where you’ll meet the notorious Arlong and his Fishmen crew.

5. Orange Town

The fifth Island in A One Piece Game is called Orange Town, in the East Blue. This is where the evil Buggy the Clown awaits you.

6. Skypiea

Skypiea, the first Island in the Grand Line, is up in the heavens. You must travel through the Knock-Up Stream to get to this Island.

7. Desert Island

You’ll end up on Desert Island after Skypiea. As its name implies, this Island is full of hazardous creatures and covered in sand.

8. Arena

Players can test their talents and combat one another in the Grand Line’s Arena.

9. Marineford

In the anime and manga series, Marineford serves as both the Marines’ headquarters and the site of the Battle of Marineford.

10. Syrup Village

Usopp’s hometown is Syrup Village, situated in the East Blue.

11. Impel Down

In the Grand Line is a sizable prison called Impel Down. This is the location of many of the One Piece universe’s most violent criminals.

12. Flamingo’s Island

One of the main antagonists in the One Piece series, Donquixote Doflamingo, resides on Flamingo’s Island.

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13. Luffy’s Island

Luffy’s Island, named after the main character of the series, is a tiny island with few resources.

14. Ice Island

This Island is covered with snow and ice, as its name would imply. Players must employ their survival abilities to make it through the challenging environment.

15. Punk Hazard

The vast Island of Punk Hazard features a variety of topographies, such as fire, snow, and poison gas.

16. Phoenix

Arizona Nest Phoenix Nest is a tiny New World island with few resources.

17. Logue Town

Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, was born in Logue Town, which is situated in East Blue.

18. Random Wilderness

Like the Wilderness, this region is home to various animals and topographies.

19. Dawn Island

Monkey D. Luffy was raised on Dawn Island and received his Garp training.

20. Enies Lobby

Situated on the Grand Line is a sizable government structure called Enies Lobby.

21. Dawn Island V2

This Island is home to Monkey D. Luffy, just like the first Dawn Island. However, it has different landscapes and difficulties.

22. Zou Island

The Mink Tribe resides on Zou Island in the New World.

23. Photon Island

Situated in the New World, Photon Island is a small island with few resources.

24. Pirate Paradise

A sizable island in the New World is called Pirate Paradise. This Island has numerous strong pirates residing on it and several hazardous obstacles.

25. Sengoku Domain

The last Island in A One Piece Game is called the Sengoku Domain. The formidable Admiral Sengoku of the Navy resides on this Island.

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Final Words

Fans of the anime and manga series can explore the expansive world of One Piece with the help of the immersive Roblox game A One Piece Game. Players will have no shortage of challenges and experiences to tackle, with 25 islands to explore.

Players can thoroughly immerse themselves in the One Piece universe by exploring each Island in the correct order by using this guide.

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