Creatures of Sonaria Tier List

Are you eager to carve your name into the prehistoric landscape of Creatures of Sonaria? The chance to form a tier list based on unique strengths and weaknesses is here. This will help you chart your course to apex predator status.

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Creatures of Sonaria Tier List Breakdown

1. A-Tier

  • Trutholbyeva: Possesses an incredible speed, making it a master of hit-and-run tactics and aerial combat.
  • Ura: Has a regeneration abilities and defensive stats, allowing it to outlast and outmaneuver many predators.
  • Arsonos: Excels in dealing damage and controlling groups of enemies, making it a valuable asset in group encounters.
  • Nyctoxon: Nocturnal, and hunts with sonar and venom, allowing it to navigate darkness and inflict debilitating debuffs on prey.

2. B-Tier

  • Aeris: This graceful flyer boasts high speed and stamina, making it perfect for exploration and resource gathering.
  • Aolenus: Utilizes camouflage and high damage to take down unsuspecting prey, but its fragility requires careful play.
  • Ghibli: Possesses powerful breath attacks and decent mobility, making it a versatile choice for both herbivore and carnivore playstyles.
  • Erythrinus: An aquatic dweller, which thrives in water, utilizing speed and ambush tactics to outplay and surprise prey.

3. C-Tier

  • Faecalu: This nocturnal flyer utilizes echolocation to hunt and possesses decent venom, but its fragility limits its broader usability.
  • Parahexilian: Has the ability to hide underground and utilizes traps and debuffs, but its lack of mobility restricts its offensive potential.
  • Garra Warden: Can boast of a strong defense and attacks, but its limited habitat confines its effectiveness.
  • Lmakosaurodon: Possesses incredible speed and damage, but its vulnerability outside of water limits its overall viability.

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4. S-Tier

  • Liosuchus: Has a high damage output, and the ability to survive both land and water, making it a versatile and deadly foe.
  • Boreal Warden: Does well in tanking and crowd control, utilizing its immense size and frost breath to dominate groups of enemies.
  • Hellion Warden: Commands the power of fire, inflicting devastating damage and boasting impressive defense, making it a fearsome opponent.
  • Khepri: A nocturnal terror that glides through the night with silent grace, wielding potent poison and ambush tactics to eliminate unsuspecting prey.

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Final Thoughts

To outplay your opponent here, your tier list plays a part. Consider their strength and weaknesses to create a formidable army  that will work with your playstyle and preferred hunting (or hiding) tactics.

So choose your companion wisely, embrace the food chain, and carve your legend in stone.

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