How To Get Abilities And Skills In Shindo Life

Obtaining abilities and skills In Shindo Life is not just a method because there are lots of ways you can use to get them. In this guide, I will walk you through four methods you can use to get abilities and skills In Shindo Life.

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Let’s dive In.

Course Of Action To Get Abilities And Skills In Shindo Life

Sub Abilities

Sub Abilities are a special breed of Jutsus in the game, rubbing shoulders with Elements and Bloodline Jutsus. And, they have got a collection of moves, martial arts, modes, and other super tricks that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

However, how do you get your hands on these abilities? There are a couple of ways. The most traditional ninja way is by hunting down their scrolls in specific locations and times.

Explore the vast landscapes of Shindo Life, and who knows, you may discover the scroll that teaches you a killer move. If you’re not in the mood for a scavenger hunt, Shindo Life offers you the option to simply buy these Sub Abilities with your hard-earned Ryo.

That’s a shortcut for those who prefer exploration. Just head to the menu, check out the available Sub Abilities, dish out some Ryo, and you will get a collection of skills for your ninja. Then again, don’t go on a shopping spree just yet.

To make sure you can use these Sub Abilities effectively, you need to keep an eye on your stats. Each ability has its own set of requirements, and it’s important to meet them to unleash the full potential of your newly acquired skills.

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In the game, elements determine which tricks and techniques you can pull off in the battle. However, there are two elemental squads available in the game. We’ve got the Common Elements.

Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Wind, each come with their specific skills. And then, there’s the Rare Elements. These aren’t your everyday skills.

They’re hidden gems that can help take your gaming experience to a new level, giving you the edge when it matters most. When you first begin Shindo Life, you’re not just handed the elements.

No, no, it’s a gradual process. You start with the ability to use two basic elements simultaneously. For those hungry for power, there’s a way to expand your elemental arsenal. Ever heard of Element Slot 3 and Element Slot 4 Game Passes? These allow you to unlock additional elemental slots.


Bloodlines give you access to a variety of unique abilities. In Shindo Life, there are three categories of Bloodlines to choose from:

  • Eye Bloodlines
  • Clan Bloodlines
  • And Elemental Bloodlines

Each type comes with its set of abilities inspired by the Naruto anime that makes your ninja experience even more exciting. With that said, how do you go about getting one of these Bloodlines? Kindly go to the Main Menu > Edit > Bloodlines kind of situation.

Once you’re there, you’ll encounter two slots inviting you to “click to spin.” However, to level up your Bloodline game, you can unlock two more slots by purchasing “Bloodline Slot 3” and “Bloodline Slot 4.”

How do you get them? It’s a combination of ninja skills and a bit of luck. Spins can be earned through Twitter/YouTube codes shared on RELLGames’ platforms, completing daily missions, conquering the Arena game mode, or just relaxing at your virtual home.

In addition, new codes are dropped whenever there’s a subscriber goal achieved, an update hits, or the developers decide it’s time for a little surprise.

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Kenjutsus are special ninja moves you can use in the game. They give you the power to create and control an element tied to your Kenjutsu, not the Elements skills, though, just a specific kind.

When you’ve got a Weapon Ninja tool equipped, it leaves a trail matching your Kenjutsu. If you want to upgrade your ninja game, you can get a second Kenjutsu slot for RellCoin 100,000. This means you can use the skills of two Kenjutsus at the same time.

If you go for dual Ninja tools, each leaves its trail. But if you prefer a single tool, it mirrors your primary Kenjutsu. However, you can get these skills by opening the in-game menu and clicking on “Kenjutsu” next to the Bloodline slots.

Once you’re in the Kenjutsu menu, hit “Change-Kenjutsu. A list of available Kenjutsus will pop up. If you want to try your luck, press “[Randomize] 10 spins” to spin for a Kenjutsu. The first spin is free, but after that, it’s 10 spins each time. And talking of spins, you need them to roll for Kenjutsus.

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