How To Get Gear 5 in A One Piece Game

The iconic manga and anime series One Piece serves as the basis for Roblox AOPG. It’s an adventure and action role-playing game. The combat, raids, skills, fruits, ki, and many more will remind you of One Piece. The game lets you take on transformation forms like Gear Fifth and Haki-like Emission.

Additionally, this post will discuss how to obtain Gear 5 in the One Piece game. Based on the popular anime and manga series One Piece, A One Piece Game is an immensely captivating Roblox role-playing game.

In addition to fighting foes and completing other missions, players can explore the islands. Additionally, you can make a special character that can use haki, devil fruits, or weaponry. We’ll explain how to obtain Gear 5 in the One Piece game in this article.

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How To Unlock And Get Gear 5 Transformation In A One Piece Game

In the first series, Gear Fifth is a level of awakening attained by Luffy during his decisive conflict with Kaidou on Onigashima. The ability gives the person strength and mobility, similar to a rubber body. Thus, players must first obtain Rubber Fruit using the same approach to play the game.

Like any other fruit, it can be bought from a merchant, found in trees, and infrequently found in chests. Once you have fruit, go to Luffy’s Island and look for Luffy Boss. Since he is a formidable foe, seeking assistance when battling him is advised.

Furthermore, his chances of dropping Gear 2 are only one to five percent. Thus, persevere until you acquire Gear 2. Your stats will indicate that Gear Second is unlocked as soon as you receive it.

Gear 4 Dungeons must be cleared, and its boss must be defeated after obtaining Gear Second. Additionally, your chances of unlocking Gear IV are a mere 1%. Proceed to the Sengoku Domain once you have received the Gear 4 Scroll and cleared all dungeons. Seek out the raid on Aokiji.

The probability of obtaining a Gear Fifth scroll is just one percent. Try the raid again and again until you get the scroll. You will also need to spend roughly 14,000 Gems to unlock the metamorphosis after you obtain the scroll.

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Final Words

With the release of Gear 5, your gameplay is set to undergo a radical transformation. To obtain Gear 5 form in the One Piece game, follow the steps outlined above.

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