How To Get Weapons In Shindo Life

This is a guide to obtaining weapons In Shindo Life. Great weapons give your ninja an edge In battles. And you can only get the best weapon In the game from the big bosses.

These bosses have the weapons any player could dream of, but to obtain them, you have to conquer these bad men. Though there are other ways you can get it, they wouldn’t be as great as the ones you obtain from the big bosses.

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Let’s dive In.

Conquer The Gen-3 Bosses

In Shindo Life, beating the big bosses is more like hitting the jackpot of the best weapons In the game. Big bosses like those gen-3 bosses. Take them down, and you may just get a weapon only for each of these beasts.

It’s a little reward for your ninja skills. And if you ever faced off against Ryuji Kenichi or the Tree Spirit, defeating them could also mean getting your character a weapon that’s unique to each of these encounters.

Having weapons makes you powerful, but It’s not everyone that is a fan of loading heat. Some top-tier modes and bloodlines can dish out stronger Q-spec abilities and M1 attacks than your weapon. So, sometimes It’s about finding the balance that fits your ninja style because the real power lies in the ninja moves.

Look For Scrolls

When it comes to obtaining weapons in Shindo Life, it’s not all about battling bosses. One of the most important to do is to look for the scrolls scattered around the game. About 90.45% of all weapons in Shindo Life come from getting scrolls.

Once you find the scroll, you unlock the weapon using RYO. To look for the scroll In the game, go over to the “Ninja Tools” tab in the game menu, click on [UNLOCK], and you’re on your way to use some ninja skills.

However, weapons don’t just magically appear everywhere, they have specific spawn areas and times. It’s not guaranteed, and you need to be in the right place at the right time.

For the inside track on where and when to find your weapons, check out the spawn times list. To make the whole thing easy, hit up private servers right after the spawn time for a specific weapon. Because each private server has its shot at making the item appear.

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Buy A Weapon With In-game Currency

If you ask me, It’s not all weapons you get after a fierce battle. Some can be bought with RYO, the in-game currency. Then again, It’s not all weapons that can be purchased this way, and some come with a little effort.

So, if you’re looking for a weapon that’s RYO-purchasable without needing to find a scroll first, here’s your game plan. Open up the game menu, hit the ‘M’ key, scroll through to “Ninja Tools” on the left, pick your weapon of choice, and hit [UNLOCK].

However, some weapons demand you to find their scroll before they let you hit [UNLOCK]. Now, how do you know if a weapon is ready to be bought without the scroll objection? Just click on it.

If you see that [UNLOCK] button then that works. No scroll hunt is needed. Plus, you get the lowdown on the TAI stat requirement and the RYO cost.

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