How To Hotwire A Car In Project Zomboid

For longer trips, it’s best to try to find and maintain a beautiful car because Zomboid’s universe is enormous and difficult to traverse on foot. With so many zombies prowling the streets, you don’t want to be caught off guard or find yourself stranded in a car that won’t start.

Before you find yourself surrounded by zombies with bats attacking your windows and you have to fumble with cables trying to get out of your car, let’s make sure you actually know how to hotwire a car.

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Requirements Before Hotwiring A Vehicle

You should be aware that there are requirements you must fulfill before taking the wheel. Either you must possess one electrical skill and two mechanical skills, or you must be a burglar with the passive ability to hotwire cars in the absence of those skill prerequisites.

Take caution! If you manage to get past the ignition, you could not be moving at all. Verify that the chosen vehicle has gas in the tank. Making an engine noise while driving will draw zombies, so be sure you have enough fuel before you find yourself stranded in an immobile vehicle.

Fill up your intended car with gas by using an empty gas can to siphon gas from another car or from a gas pump. The isometric zombie survival game Project Zomboid from The Indie Stone just got one of its largest improvements to date.

The game was first developed as a tech demo back in 2011, and its development has been a long and difficult journey. Project Zomboid has developed over that time, adding more depth and material to the immersive survival mechanics, in spite of a number of failures.

Build 39, which brought driveable cars to Project Zomboid for the first time, was one of the most significant releases. The setting of Project Zomboid is Knox County, which is mostly modeled around the northern Kentucky region surrounding Louisville.

Cars are a vital survival tool in the zombie apocalypse, with a vast map to explore. Even if there are a lot of them dispersed throughout the cities and suburbs, it can be difficult to locate a key to open one. Thankfully, if players know how to hotwire, they can start an automobile without a key.

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How To Hotwire A Car In Project Zomboid With Ease

Follow these steps to hotwire a car in Zomboid:

  • Once you have the requisite abilities, look for a nice vehicle to steal. In this instance, “good” is taken literally because it makes no sense to hotwire a subpar vehicle that will probably break down on you.
  • To access the menu, press “V” while the automobile is closed.
  • Verify whether the doors are unlocked to prevent shattering windows.
  • If not, arm yourself with a weapon, break a window, and enter. Without a weapon, breaking it inflicts harm, and you must maintain your health for what lies ahead.
  • Reopen the menu and select “hotwire” from the list of choices.

Nevertheless, even with the appropriate skill levels, success is not assured. The sound of breaking windows has drawn attention to you already, and the cacophony that results from each unsuccessful attempt at hotwiring gets much louder.

Make sure you’re prepared to fight or to retreat if the attempts don’t work.

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Final Words

You will eventually require a car in Project Zomboid if you plan to survive the long term. You’ll soon find that the region around your safehouse has been cleared out, and your scavenging runs are taking you farther and farther away from home.

You’ll need a car if you want to maximize your supply missions, make them slightly safer, and broaden your horizons. It might even help you get through that terrifying helicopter ride.

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