Rumble Heroes Tier List

Rumble Heroes is an online adventure RPG game where players launch a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess from dark knights. They begin by reconstructing a village, gathering resources like wood and ore, and constructing buildings to enhance the village.

Players recruit and train legendary heroes with diverse abilities at the pub, then explore vast open areas to discover treasures, monsters, and additional resources. In dungeons, hundreds of monsters await, but trained heroes can defeat them.

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Rumble Heroes Tier List

NOTE: Heroes belonging to the S tier list are the most powerful heroes In the game.

Tier ListHero
SDouble Gun Mary, Holy Mace Paul, Shotgun Gupi, Spear Killy, Big-Sickle Jennifer, Lance Pico
ABig Sword Gray, Boomerang Ray, Crow Bibi, Dancer Maya, Dark Kiara, Dr Forge,
Feather Corbin, Flame Sword Giselle, Heavy Armor Humphry, Mace Gilburt, Nurse Ivy,
Skull Pop, Snow Yuki, Wave Talisay
BBackpack Chico, Big Hammer Joe, Blind Matilda, Brave Uva, Calm Foe, Canon Waldo,
Ego Sword Polly, Elemental Lisa, Epee Laura, Forest Vanessa, Magic Shot Sally,
Shadow Issac, Strong Laura, Time Mia, Turban Coby, White Evelyn, Whitehair Leo
CDiamond Bob, Hero, Ice Bobo, Leaf Shot Tim, Nudie Jack, Olive Cindy, Orange Woody

Double Gun Mary

Double Gun Mary is a formidable hero in the game. She embodies the essence of a ranged damage dealer, particularly in the early to mid-game stages.

With an impressive attack speed and formidable damage output, Mary is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her signature skill allows her to lock onto targets releasing a barrage of gunfire upon them.

This ability enhances her effectiveness in combat and provides sustained damage against enemies. Double Gun Mary is a frontline damage dealer, capable of turning the tide of battle in her team’s favor through her onslaught of bullets.

Shotgun Gupi

Shotgun Gupi, despite his elderly appearance, has a youthful spirit and a passion for shooting. A stalwart defender against injustice, Gupi uses a formidable shotgun as his weapon of choice.

His main ability frees a single buckshot aimed at foes, inflicting significant damage. Gupi’s strategic skills open to utilizing his energy to replenish his health gradually.

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Holy Mace Paul

Holy Mace Paul is a great character in Rumble Heroes, known for his dual prowess in healing and dealing with damage. He is a unique combatant with a mighty iron hammer believed to be divinely blessed.

Despite his imposing appearance, Paul demonstrates intelligence and skill in battle. His attacks free substantial area-of-effect (AoE) damage, impacting nearby foes.

Paul’s healing abilities rival those of dedicated support characters, providing the sustained vitality of his allies. His versatility as both a healer and a damage dealer makes him a valuable asset in any team composition.

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Big Sickle Jennifer

Big Sickle Jennifer is another formidable character reminiscent of a female version of ‘Darth Vader.’ Jennifer uses her scythe to launch energy waves In battle, dealing damage to enemies and causing them to bleed for a short duration.

Her effectiveness is notable against powerful bosses, especially those vulnerable to bleeding effects. This attribute makes her a great choice in encounters with high-health opponents.

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