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Roblox’s fighting game Stand Powers is based on the well-known Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure comic and anime series. Enter the exciting universe of Stand Powers, a Roblox game that pays homage to the beloved Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime!

The available pets, values, tier lists, money, maps, and a ton of other information are all included in the Trello. The most fundamental idea of the game and intricate game mechanics that you need to understand to understand every fundamental notion of the game are covered in the Stand Powers Trello.

The Stand power trello Link

Roblox developers utilize Trello, a project management application, to make digital boards with details about their games. The developers have included thorough justifications for each Stand, object, and NPC in the game in the Stand Powers Trello.

It’s a priceless tool that teaches you about the game’s mechanics and what to anticipate in PvP for novice and expert players.

Trello boards are arranged in columns, with separate blocks in each column. You can use text, images, and even GIFs in these blocks. To access a block in Trello, click on it.

For example, to access more information about the Purple Haze Stand in Stand Powers, go to the Stands column and select the “Purple Haze” block.

Blocks for each Stand, cosmetic, and Spec you can get in-game are available in the Stand Powers Trello, along with an introduction to PvP guide.

The Trello link for Stand Powers: TRELLO LINK

The Stand power discord Link

You can use the Stand Powers Discord channel to communicate directly with the game’s developers and players. Roblox developers use Discord, a community-based social media platform, to interact with their game’s followers.

You can have real-time conversations with other players on the Stand Powers Discord, make suggestions for the game, and get developer updates.

Discord uses channels rather than columns and blocks for organization. Individual chatrooms, known as channels, are displayed; some are devoted to certain topics, while others are just for user-to-user conversation. The Powers That Stand Discord offers channels for reporting bugs, making trade requests, and offering game ideas.

Although you can move between different channels, some can have posting limits. For example, the producers of Stand Powers Discord have their own updates channel where they provide information about upcoming game content.

Stand PowersDiscord Link: DISCORD LINK

About the game

Stand Powers on Roblox, a tribute to the popularity of the series, brings the Jojo universe to life and lets users experience the spirit of the manga and anime. Take a stand, fight in matches that will test your Stand’s strength, and join the ranks of Stand users.

Since its 1987 release, Hirohiko Araki’s masterwork Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has enthralled audiences with its distinct plot and distinctive graphic style.

The manga has become a cultural phenomenon and is well-known for its unique stances, allusions to popular culture in the West, and epic battles starring Stands.

Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by playing Stand Powers on Roblox. Explore multiple narrative arcs, each with a fresh protagonist that goes by the moniker “JoJo.”

Discover the variety of Stands, which are psycho-spiritual beings with remarkable supernatural abilities and a major plot point in the series.

The game honors the history of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by letting players take on the role of Stand users and participate in thrilling combat.

Discover the special powers of your Stand, plot against adversaries, and set off on an exciting adventure that reflects the spirit of adventure in the anime.

Put on your Jojo spirit and embark on an incredible voyage through Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure universe with the Roblox game Stand Powers! An adventure awaits you!

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