Star Trek Fleet Command Guide

Getting to know Spock and the other well-known characters in Star Trek fleet command is just half the fun; the true challenge is figuring out how to grow your base of operations and gain power quickly!

You’ll get all the assistance from this Star Trek Fleet Command Guide to grasp the game better and where to focus your time. We’ll review the fundamentals of each Station’s purpose and how Ships and Officers will affect your gameplay.

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About The Game

Create and customize a formidable fleet, enlist legendary figures, discover bizarre new lands, look for life and undiscovered civilizations, and form alliances with thousands of other people. Venture boldly where none have ventured before.

The game aims to “explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate the enemy.” In addition to completing missions, leveling up, and engaging in player-versus-player combat, players can explore star systems in the Star Trek universe.

As the head of a starbase on the periphery of civilization, you will appoint legendary officers like Nero, James T. Kirk, and Spock and construct formidable vessels like the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and the Klingon Bird of Prey.

As forces from the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans fight for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, you’ll enter a galaxy on the verge of war. Learn a long-kept secret that has the potential to tip the power balance permanently.

Additionally, “Star Trek Fleet Command” will include cross-progression, allowing users to switch between the convenience of their PC and playing on a mobile device without losing any progress.  There will be more space wars for users now that “Star Trek Fleet Command” is available on PC and is cross-platform.


You should concentrate on Star Trek Fleet Command’s PvE component and make the most of your resources to play the game for free without spending any money. Although it may seem a little mono at first, the long-term benefits will be substantial.

1. Form powerful Alliances.

You will benefit significantly from a strong alliance, so if you are new to the game, take the time to choose one that is welcoming and supportive of other players. As you gain strength, you should strive to join one of the best alliances on the server you play on.

Why not pick up a few new skills and meet new players while learning about the game? Some alliances even have special Discord servers where members unite and support one another.

2. Don’t invest money in rare Ships and officers

Because you require resources to enhance almost everything in the game, they will be necessary. They won’t go you far; therefore, you should always use them on low-rarity officers and ships. Alternatively, you could allocate as little money as possible to them to help you get by, saving the most for when you have more money.

3.Daily Objectives

As any experienced player who has completed a game’s daily tasks will attest, over time, this is among the most dependable methods of consistently obtaining particular things.

It takes around 30 minutes to finish them, so even if you don’t want to play the game Hardcore (I don’t know how you can’t; it’s fantastic!), you should still log in every day. Even if it will be a little slow, the daily tasks and log-in prizes will ensure constant progress for you.

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4. Completing the Main Quest

While pursuing the primary goal, attempt to finish as many side missions as you can from the different systems located across the galaxy.

In Star Trek: Fleet Command, completing the Main Quest is the best way to get many experience points (EXP). Since you’ll get more than enough resources and experience points to get you started on the right track, the side tasks are also crucial.

Since you’ll frequently be able to fulfill side quests nearby where you need to finish your primary mission, try to claim every single one and work towards it as you progress.

5. Hold onto your event tickets for recruits.

It is advisable to store them for an event you enjoy, as events sometimes result in higher rates for S-tier or restricted units. Although it’s usually preferable to use them during events, you can also use them when there is an officer on the flag that you need to obtain.

6. Creating and refining your foundation: the initial stages!

Building construction will be the focus of your initial assignments in Star Trek Fleet Command. You’ll need to exercise patience to upgrade your base and build. Experience is necessary for construction (some structures or tools are only accessible after a particular level).

However, resources also make buildings possible! Of course, you have to fight to obtain resources! You can win rewards in turn-based battles that take place in real-time. These readily provide the initial resources needed to construct your first structures and machinery!

As you proceed, remember to gather the resources your starbase produces. Over time, these resources are created. Generators can keep growing for as long as your warehouse has space to hold it. To be safe on this side, consider constructing storage facilities and generators early in the game!

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7. Attacking Other Player Stations Is An Option

There are more types of missions in Star Trek Fleet Command besides PvE ones. When you reach level 15, you can begin attacking the stations of other players.

Furthermore, this is still possible even if you are on the same side. Examine the blue circles surrounding the planets when you open the system map: Every one of them stands for a player station. Clicking on them will launch an attack.

The Most Helpful Hints and Techniques for Star Trek Fleet Command on PC,You might want to do this even if you don’t enjoy PvP missions because each attack you successfully finish will help you get a lot of resources and “player chests.” The rarest things can be found in the player’s pretty valuable chests.

Other players will eventually try to attack you, even if you don’t want to; therefore, it’s best to go for the kill! On the other hand, if you are an Alliance member, remember to let other members know.

Occasionally, these assaults may spark retaliation against every Alliance member. Furthermore, keep in mind that in addition to stations, player ships can also be attacked!

8. Remember to Mine

Remember that you have another option if you need more resources from your essential buildings: mining. The asteroids depicted on the system map are more than just pretty pictures. Every one of them has different resources that can be extracted.

Using the mining approach, you can gather any materials you require. There’s just one tiny issue, though: mining leaves your ship exposed.

This means that you are currently vulnerable to attacks from other players, and your boat will vanish quickly if you come across a high-level player. Thus, before you begin mining, ensure there are no hostiles.

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9.Transfer Your Base

You and the other players are positioned around a randomly chosen planet at the beginning of the game. Thus, you have no control over where the game launches. But you can relocate your base at any time if necessary.

You could relocate your base for a variety of reasons. It will be best to relocate if there are few resources on your planet or if attacks on your floor occur too frequently.

Find a different world and click on it first to accomplish this. Every world has sixteen station spaces, and you can move around the globe as long as a spot is available.

Keep in mind that each time you do this, a “relocation token” is required. The first token is yours to use at no cost, but if you wish to move again, you must buy it.

Final Words

In Star Trek Fleet Command, you’ll have a ton of primary and ancillary assignments to complete! Every objective is necessary to advance in the game and get stronger! Combat, mining, and missions all give the player access to resources.

You need these resources to hire personnel, buy new spacecraft, and renovate your space station! We hope this guide helps you as you explore this adventurous game.

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