How To Get Rengoku in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that features elements from the well-known anime series One Piece. Play as a Pirate and go on a combat-filled adventure.

In order to advance in the game and deal damage against bosses, players can use a variety of weaponry. Swords, however, are the primary weapon in this well-known game.

In Blox Fruits, you can choose from a plethora of alternatives when it comes to fighting your adversaries. Using different swords in the game is one of these possibilities; the Rengoku sword is a legendary weapon and one of the simpler weapons to obtain in the game. Luck does play a role, so you may need to give it some time.

There are around thirty swords that may be acquired through quest completion. After that, the Swords’ availability is determined by how uncommon they are.

One such Sword that fits into the Legendary category is the Rengoku. In the game, this Sword deals a lot of damage. This post provides a guide on how to get rengoku in blox fruits, read on to find out more!

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Guide on how to get rengoku in blox fruits

Here’s how to get Rengoku to quickly destroy his opponents:

  1. You will need to be at least level 1350 to obtain this Sword. This is so that you can obtain the Rengoku Sword, which requires you to access the Ice Castle in the Second Sea.
  2. Next, proceed to the Ice Castle, where you will face the level 1400 Awakened Ice Admiral boss.
  3. Finally, subdue him to the point where he drops a Hidden Key. Remember that there’s a 5% possibility he will drop the Hidden Key as well. You will have to fight him repeatedly till he drops the key.
  4. Just enter the room on the right side of the stairs after you’ve obtained the Hidden Key.
  5. where the Hidden Key can be used to unlock a chest that you will find within.
  6. The Rengoku Sword will thereafter be available to you in Blox Fruits.

Alternatively by Defeating Arctic Warrior, Snow Lurker, and other lower-level NPCs on the Ice Castle island you can get the Rengoku key in Blox Fruits.

Compared to the Ice Admiral, each of these foes has a 0.5% chance of dropping the key. You can proceed to the hidden chamber after you obtain the key. The chest holding the Rengoku sword is located inside; the key will instantly open it.

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Final Words

That’s everything you should know about the Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits. We hope this post guies you on your quest to get rengoku in blox fruits.

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