Is Fallout 76 Crossplay? (Explained)

Is Fallout 76 actually cross-platform? Well, this is going to be an in-depth post. The truth is, the majority of us are in love with the idea of the Fallout 76 video game, and we’ve imagined the level of excitement of its crossplay.

However, before I can give my candid answer to the question, allow me to share the gameplay with you. Let’s begin the explanation from there.

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Fallout 76 Gameplay

Fallout 76 is getting a lot of attention in the gaming world because it’s the first time Bethesda Game Studios has made a game you can play online with others.

You have two choices: you can play all by yourself, or you can team up with a small group of up to three friends to explore the games together.

When you play online, you usually connect to public servers, and the game automatically puts you on one of them. Though Bethesda plans to introduce private servers later on.

These private servers will let you invite friends to your game and keep away the not-so-fun stuff like annoying player-versus-player fights that can spoil your fun.

In terms of gameplay, Fallout 76 keeps some classic features from previous games. The V.A.T.S. system, which used to pause the game while you aimed at specific body parts, is now real-time, making it more action-packed.

And when it comes to the game itself, Fallout 76 gives you a vast open world that’s four times larger than the one you had in Fallout 4.

It’s set in a place called Appalachia, which is basically West Virginia. And it’s not just any West Virginia; it’s a detailed recreation, complete with famous landmarks like the West Virginia State Capitol and The Greenbrier.

The game also spices things up with new mutated monsters, inspired by West Virginian folklore, like the Mothman and the Flatwoods monster.

Character progression is different too. You have seven attributes, and as you level up, you can use skill points to boost them.

Bonuses, which are like special abilities, are now represented as trading cards and fall into those seven categories. At first, the game didn’t have any human NPCs (non-player characters); instead, all the humans you meet are other players.

This led to a unique storytelling approach using robots, holotypes, and environmental clues. However, Bethesda later introduced a big update called “Wastelanders” that brought human NPCs into the game. Lastly, you can build bases all over the map, but they only exist while you’re online.

If others attack your base, the game keeps blueprints to help you rebuild. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can launch nuclear missiles in the game to change areas, but beware, it attracts some fierce enemies.

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Is Fallout 76 Crossplay?

No, Fallout 76 does not support cross-platform play. Players on different gaming platforms, such as Steam/PC, Xbox, and PS4, can not play together or transfer their progress between platforms.

Cross-platform play, or crossplay, refers to the ability of gamers on different platforms (like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation) to play together in the same game world.

Unfortunately, Fallout 76 does not offer this feature as of now. The game’s servers are segregated based on the platform you’re using.

If you’re playing on PC, you’ll be on a server with other PC players. Xbox players will be on Xbox servers and PS4 players on PS4 servers.

This separation means that you can not join your friends or players on other platforms for cooperative gameplay or PvP (Player vs. Player) action.

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While some games have implemented limited cross-play features, Fallout 76’s separation of servers is quite strict. Even if you use Xbox Game Pass and its cloud gaming feature to play on a PC, you’ll still be restricted to the Xbox ecosystem, interacting exclusively with other Xbox players on Xbox servers.

This is not true cross-platform play, where players from different platforms can seamlessly join the same game. The absence of crossplay in Fallout 76 has been a point of discussion since the game’s launch.

Although there were hints that Bethesda might consider it as an option in the future, there have been no developments in this regard as of 2023.

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