10 Interesting Games Like Raid Shadow Legends

Everything about this game from the historical images, to shout quality is highly addictive. Players can engage in combat in a unique real world with plenty of championships in the game.

There are sixteen levels to choose from, and each has unique qualities. In this post, we’ll highlight ten games like Raid Shadow Legends that you can jump on right away.

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The 10 Best Games Like Raid Shadow Legends

We examined the games that were most comparable to Raid Shadow Legends to create this list, and we selected the top titles based on user feedback, playability, and popularity.

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift


First up on our list is the free online multiplayer battle arena game League of Legends: Wild Rift. In this game, players take control of a champion with special powers and battle against AI-controlled opponents or opposing player teams.

The objective is to take down the opposing team’s nexus while ensuring you stay intact and alive. Every champion has a modest starting strength but gains strength over time as players acquire items and experience.

There are many champions to select from, and this selection is further expanded with the addition of three new winners recently. Even if you have never played League of Legends, you should check out Wild Rift, accessible on mobile devices!

2. Magnum Quest

magnum quest

Magnum Quest is a unique role-playing game akin to Shadow Legends, drawing inspiration from some of the most excellent titles like World of Warcraft. Magnum Quest offers an expansive environment to explore, and its stunning 3D graphics contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere.

Guild versus Guild (GvG) and Guild versus Environment (GvE) are two of the game’s features that allow you and your guild to confront environmental hazards. But if you stick to the main storyline, there are also PvP and PvE clashes, along with many fantastic boss fights.

Magnum Quest is heavily reliant on seasonal events, and something new is happening frequently. The distinct protagonists in this game, each with their backstories and personalities, elevate the experience even further.

Several well-known actors, such as Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, and Matthew Mercer, provide the voices of these heroes. Magnum Quest already has more than a million gamers, so we strongly advise that you join them!

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3. Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas


It is your responsibility to explore the realm and discover more about the many fantasy races found in this game, more than in all the greatest games like Skyrim combined. The goal of Heroes of Lithas is to unite these races under your leadership to use combat to bring peace back to the earth.

You can freely explore Lithas’ environment and discover more about the region and the people that live there when you’re not engaged in combat. Particularly for a smartphone game, the plot of this one is well-developed, and there is a ton of content to enjoy.

In this game, players are also granted a significant deal of autonomy to make decisions that will affect their future and success as the plot develops. You will progressively learn more about the sinister mysteries that have led to the devastation of this planet via both exploration and combat!

4. Summoners War

summoners war

Battles for Mana Crystals occur in the Sky Arena, and Summoners War is mainly a strategic game. Like Pokémon, players can gather and call over 1,000 different kinds of monsters, each with unique types and abilities.

But Summoners War also features some familiar mechanics for fans of Harvest Moon and other great games, like decorating. Your town can be uniquely decorated to stand out when you’re not fighting.

There are 100 craftable objects in this game, including runes, buildings, and statues. Crafting is also a significant aspect of the gameplay. Additionally, there is a real-time battle raiding feature where three players can cooperate to use their summons to defeat a boss.

Summoners War adds more mechanisms for a genuinely unique experience while incorporating all the fantastic elements of Raid Shadow Legends!

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5. Infinity Kingdom

infinity kingdom

In the massively multiplayer online strategy game Infinity Kingdom, players take control of the realm of Norheim, which has to be defended against enemy invasion.

It is the players’ responsibility to shift the balance of power and drive the gnomes back as they pillage cities and swarm the countryside like a disease. In the game, you must race to rebuild the city, find strong immortals, and assemble the ideal combat squad.

You can uncover more than fifty immortals from different civilizations, all of whom have extraordinarily potent skills that can help you in your endeavors. To support you in combat, you can awaken elemental dragons, take their eggs, and create your draconic fighters.

Aside from fighting, there are lots of ruins to discover that yield steel shards that disclose fragments of Norheim’s past. Like Raid Shadow Legends, Infinity Kingdom is highly addictive and can easily lead to hours of playtime!

6. Cowboys and Zombies

cowbow vs zombie

The Android action, side-scrolling, strategy, and single-player video game Cowboys and Zombies was made by Outblaze Ventures.

The game offers a distinctive gaming experience combining role-playing elements, a real-time system, and beat-em-up gameplay. You take on the role of the protagonist, who must rally his heroes to defeat the zombies and defend your land in the zombie-infested town of Palmton.

To begin the game, select one of the several character classes offered. Lead a group of four people in a battle against zombies to obtain experience points that you can utilize to unlock more game stuff. There are various levels to choose from, and to bring the peace back; you must finish the duties assigned to you on each deck.

The main elements of Cowboys and Zombies are engaging gameplay, four team heroes to control, multiple classes, a Wild West setting, thirty-nine achievements, and more. Regarding RPG and RTS games, Cowboys and Zombies is the greatest.

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7. Nun Attack

nun attack

Frima Studio Inc. developed Nun Attack, an adventure, strategy, and single-player video game for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android platforms.

It tells an exciting tale about power-hungry animals that have taken over the mortal world and are threatening their people. The heroes who save these thirty creatures are necessary for the world and its inhabitants.

As the hero, it is your ultimate goal to battle and defeat adversaries to bring about peace. You must assemble your squad of four heroes, each with unique skills and powers, before the beginning of the game.

Side-scrolling through the levels, battle to defeat Nun-like foes to get experience points that you may utilize to enhance your heroes, team, and gear.

The game has over 150 real-time battles and 40 missions, including many stages with over three boss fights. The main elements of Nun Attack include 40 missions, boss fights, seven distinct evils, 80 various weapons (including freeze, AoE, slow DOT, shock, and poison), and more. You’ll be entertained if you give it a try.

8. Battle Heroes

battle heroes

GameJoy developed the action-packed, role-playing, single-player, turn-based strategy game Battle Heroes for iOS and Android. The fictional setting of the game is medieval, with monsters, bosses, and foes having overrun the area.

The final goal is to assemble your group of heroes and make an attempt to defeat giant bosses, defeat creatures, and guide your army through many stages to emerge victorious. As the commander, it is your responsibility to lead a team of four heroes in a combat zone.

Every character has a distinct collection of skills, talents, and weaponry. To gain points, you must plan your strategy, position your army, and defeat enemies. Upgrade the equipment, heroes, and other aspects of your team as you unlock new stuff.

Among the notable features of Battle Heroes include the ability to Build an Army, finish difficult Quests, access the Online Arena, view Globe Leaderboards, and more.

Battle Heroes is the most excellent game ever, with touch controls, beautiful environments, captivating gameplay, and appealing music.

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9. Sci-Fi Heroes

sci-fi heroes

Majesco Entertainment created the free-to-play role-playing game Sci-Fi Heroes with arcade features specifically for mobile devices. In the sci-fi-themed world where the game is set, Sentient Robots, Space Marines, Technomancers, and Sci-Fi Heroes are introduced. You are chosen to fight against an alien faction threatening the galaxy in the story.

The goal is to lead a group of heroes across various stages against aliens and eliminate them with various equipment and weapons.

You can initially identify your ideal squad by trying out different lineup combinations. More than a hundred other things, including blasters, laser swords, and more.

To help your team, various pets are also incorporated into the game. To bring peace back to your land, choose your character from among Space Cowboy, Trainer, Exxon, Priest, Healbot, etc., and fight to drive your foes out. Core aspects of Sci-Fi Heroes include Battle Bosses, Build a Team, Futuristic Weapons, and Ionic Heroes, among others.

10. AFK Arena

afk arena

Lilith Games is the developer and publisher of the adventure, role-playing, and online multiplayer video game AFK Arena. The narrative centers on a gang of youkai that invade Esperia and murder people to take over.

Each hero can be outfitted with weapons and armor to increase their strength and combat effectiveness; this will allow each warrior to reach their most significant potential!

Final Words

In the action-packed, role-playing game RAID Shadow Legends, you’ll face up against formidable obstacles, wild happenings, and approaching perils as you work toward your objective. The above-mentioned games are similar to Raid Shadow Legends, have fun exploring them.

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