Rush Royale Best Decks

The game’s objective is for players to assemble a powerful deck of cards and utilize it to repel waves of hostile monsters from their fortress. There are many different cards and decks in the game, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

The best deck can mean the difference between a spectacular win and an overwhelming loss in Rush Royale. Keeping up with the strongest and most potent decks in an ever-changing game is essential to preserving a competitive edge.

Today, we go deep into the action and uncover the best decks soaring to the top of the Rush Royale PvP leaderboard. Understanding and utilizing the power of the best decks is essential.

Whether you are a seasoned player looking for the cards that will give you the advantage or a novice hoping to leave your mark. Now, let’s dive in and examine the best decks available in Rush Royale!

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Best Rush Royale Decks

In Rush Royale, as you level up trophies, you’ll access new Arenas, where you can find new cards. Cards that can only be unlocked in higher Arenas can be found in many of the top decks in the game.

Which deck in Rush Royale is ideal for each Arena? We’ll explain each one below. “Robot,” a card that can only be obtained through the Royal Trials event, is currently one of the strongest in the game. We will only examine decks without that card because it is potent in most decks and lacks an arena unlock stage.

1. The Best Arena 1 Deck (Seeker)

With just a few cards at your disposal when you first start in Rush Royale, you’ll face opponents with decks that are comparable to your own.

You might need to play the bosses the right way if you’re experiencing problems defeating them. For tactics on effectively playing against each other, check out our Boss guide.

  • Archer, Cold Mage, Lightning Mage, Priestess, Reaper

2. The Best Arena 2 Deck (Recruit)

One of the greatest Epic cards in the game, Engineer, is one of the first Legendary cards you’ll find in Arena 2. You can create one of the best decks for Arena 2 by including the Engineer card in it. As you progress and acquire more cards, your deck will improve.

  • Engineer, Cold Mage, Priestess, Lightning Mage, Reaper

You’ll notice that we didn’t include Frost in our deck, although it is the first Legendary card in the game to be unlocked. That’s only the result of Cold Mage’s superior strength.

Because you can stack crowd control (CC), combine Frost with the Cold Mage to slow down your opponents. It is crucial to remember that damage increases with each connected one when playing Engineer. Remember this since it may affect how you combine other cards.

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3. The Best Arena 3 Deck (Cadet)

You can get your first buff card in Arena 3. Additionally, you get access to Bombardier, which is quite helpful in boss battles. In this Arena, you will still be running Engineer, but with a few minor changes.

  • Engineer, Cold Mage, Bombardier, Priestess, Banner.

4. The Best Arena 4 Deck (Rookie)

You’ve reached the Arena of Boreas Unlock, one of the first passable Legendary cards. Don’t worry if you have yet to find Boreas in a chest; doing so also unlocks Sentry, which is what I refer to as the inexpensive Boreas. Sure, it could be better than Boreas, but it works well as a stand-in.

  • Boreas, Cold Mage, Bombardier, Banner, Priestess
  • Engineer, Cold Mage, Bombardier, Priestess, Banner

As you can see, we’ve included the Arena 3 deck once more because it’s still a good choice. When Boreas plays versus Engineer, it’s common to observe that Boreas dominates the early going.

At the same time, the Engineer develops strength as the battle progresses. Continue utilizing Engineer if you feel that your games are taking a long time.

5. The Best Arena 5 Deck (Brawler)

At this stage, you can use the Vampire mana card, a crucial mana card. Until better legendary cards are unlocked in later Arenas, he will stand in for Priestess.

  • Boreas, Chemist OR Alchemist, Bombardier, Vampire, Cold Mage
  • Engineer, Chemist OR Alchemist, Bombardier, Vampire, Cold Mage

One of the first areas of effect cards (AOE) you can begin using in your decks is the Alchemist, which can have a significant impact, particularly early in the game.

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6. The Best Arena 6 Deck (Cutthroat)

Grindstone, used in decks with other legendary cards in the future, can be unlocked in Arena 6. Additionally, you can open Executioner, a character that uses his execution to defeat bosses.

  • Boreas, Plague Doctor, Executioner, Vampire, Cold Mage

7. The Best Arena 7 Deck (Duelist)

You can obtain Hex, another crucial boost card for the current meta, in Arena 7. Thunderer will also be unlocked. Additionally, you can use Crystalmancer, which is presently top tier due to the recent meta-shock. However, your deck won’t be complete until a few more cards in Arena 12 are unlocked.

  • Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex, Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier, Vampire

With each merge rank, Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex, Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier, Vampire Thunderer strikes an additional target, making it better the higher the merge rank. You should aim to get a merging rank of two or above as soon as possible since a level one merge rank is undesirable.

8. The Best Arena 8 Deck (Watchman)

You have now unlocked Wind Archer, another low-cost Boreas, if you have yet to be successful in finding one thus far. Additionally, you can use Dryad, a very potent PVP card. Zealot and Demon Hunter, the other two cards that become accessible, are excellent for certain CO-OP Decks but don’t exactly fit into the current PVP meta.

  • Engineer, Dryad, Grindstone OR Chemist, Cold Mage, Vampire
  • Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex, Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier, Vampire

Again, bust out Engineer if you want to switch things up, run something new from Arena 7, and use that Dryad.

9. The Best Arena 9 Deck (Warrior)

It is now time for Harlequin, the most powerful card in the game that can be used in any top deck and provides a great deal of versatility. It is only when you have this card that you can indeed play with the big dogs.

  • Harlequin, Dryad, Thunderer, Grindstone, Bombardier
  • Harlequin, Dryad, Boreas, Hex, Priestess
  • Harlequin, Corsair, Executioner, Trapper, Bombardier

10. The Best Arena 10 Deck (Veteran)

It’s time for Inquisitor, another significant development in the current meta. At the moment, Inquisitor is a component of the majority of the best decks. Check out our guide to the Inquisitor deck if you’re new to the game.

  • Inquisitor, Harlequin, Dryad, Grindstone, Cold Mage
  • Inquisitor, Harlequin, Dryad, Hex, Cold Mage
  • Inquisitor, Harlequin, Dryad, Corsair, Grindstone

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11. The Best Arena 11 Deck (Eliminator)

This is where you can reveal Summoner, another extremely potent card, in many decks. This is a “mana card,” even though it doesn’t grant you mana; instead, it helps you conserve a significant amount of it. While Summoner is being used, Inquisitor will still be used.

  • Inquisitor, Harlequin, Summoner, Cold Mage, Mime
  • Corsair, Summoner, Harlequin, Mime, Executioner
  • Corsair, Summoner, Harlequin, Trapper, Executioner

12. The Best Arena 12 Deck (Destroyer)

  • Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Chemist, Dryad, Harlequin
  • Inquisitor, Harlequin, Summoner, Demonologist, Stasis

13. The Best Arena 13 Deck (Conqueror)

Well done; you’ve succeeded. You’ve reached the finish line and can now access all the cards. Additionally, you’ve just obtained Shaman, one of the most obnoxious cards in the game.

You can now start using Shaman to try to fight Inquisitor decks if you’re up against a number of them. Additionally, Scrapper, a more recent card in the game that is a part of some elite decks, can be unlocked in Arena 13.

  • Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Portal Keeper, Chemist, Scrapper
  • Shaman, Harlequin, Summoner, Engineer, Mime

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Final Words

Players can choose which cards to utilize in their battles by knowing which decks and cards have the greatest strength. However, remember that the tier list is subject to change as new content is added and game updates occur. It’s critical to keep abreast of the most recent developments and modify your plan as necessary.

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