How To Climb In Gang Beasts?

In this post, you will learn how you can climb things In Gang Beasts. In the game Gang Beasts, you and your friends play funny, floppy characters in a crazy city, Beef City.

You fight each other in wild battles across different places in the city. However, the main thing you do in the game is punch and kick your friends until they fall down.

Once they’re on the ground, you try to throw them into dangerous places in the area. But don’t think knocked-down characters are helpless, they can still fight back and try to escape. In this post, you will learn how you can climb In Gang Beasts on:

  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • PS4

Let’s learn.

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How To Climb In Gang Beasts on Xbox One?

Climbing can be a game-changer in Gang Beasts, helping you move through tricky situations and outsmart your opponents. And, here are the steps to climb on your Xbox One controller:

Step 1: Know Your Buttons

  • Before you start climbing, you need to understand which buttons to press.
  • On your Xbox One controller, there are a few buttons involved.
  • First, you’ll need to use the RB (Right Bumper) button.
  • Second, you’ll use the LB (Left Bumper) button.
  • And finally, you’ll need to press the A button.
  • These buttons are your key to climbing in Gang Beasts.

Step 2: Hold The Right Buttons

  • To start climbing, you’ll want to hold down both the RB and LB buttons simultaneously.
  • This action will initiate your character’s climbing movement.

Step 3: Add A Jump

  • Once you’ve got your character hanging on, you can make them climb higher.
  • While still holding the RB and LB buttons, press the A button.
  • Your character jumps while holding onto an opponent.
  • Climbing in Gang Beasts can be a bit tricky at first, but with some practice, you’ll be scaling buildings in no time.

How To Climb In Gang Beasts on PS4?

Here are the steps and the controls to climb using your PS4 controller: R1, L1, and X.

Step 1: Hold Down The Right Buttons

  • To prompt your character’s climbing, you’ll need to simultaneously hold down both the R1 and L1 buttons.

Step 2: Add A Jump

  • To climb higher or pull yourself up when hanging on, you’ll want to use the X button.
  • While continuing to hold the R1 and L1 buttons, press the X button.
  • This will make your character perform a climbing jump.

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How To Climb In Gang Beasts on PC?

​Here are the controls to climb on your PC: the Left Mouse Button (LMB), the Right Mouse Button (RMB), and the Space Bar.

Step 1: Hold Down The Right Buttons

  • You’ll need to press and hold both the LMB and RMB simultaneously.

Step 2: Jump

  • While keeping the LMB and RMB buttons pressed, press and hold the SpaceBar.
  • This action will allow your character to jump.

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