Black Desert Online (BDO) Tier List

An extensive range of classes with distinct skills and play styles may be found in the well-known massively multiplayer online role-playing game Black Desert Online (BDO). It can be challenging to select a class for your BDO adventure when so many options are available.

The BDO Tier List rates the top classes according to their overall efficacy in both PvE and PvP gameplay to assist you in making an informed choice.

Are you searching for the top Online programs in Black Desert? We’ve got you covered; see which class best fits you by looking at our BDO tier list below.

The tier list for the Black Desert Black Desert Online is provided in this post; read on to find out more!

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About The Game

There are few massively multiplayer online role-playing games with a class structure this extensive. On the other hand, Black Desert Online deviates from this strategy by using an astounding 26-class design further separated into Succession and Awakening sorts.

Some classes are superior to others despite having different skills and abilities. A significant disparity in power exists among several classes in the game.

BDO tier list: Ranked

We shall rank every one of the game’s 26 classes in this post. The list considers each class’s PvP and PvE prowess, even though they could be stronger or worse in particular modes. There are also in-depth discussions of several classes.

There are four ranks based on all 26 Black Desert Online classes in this tier list: S, A, B, and C. Since no class is particularly useless in the current version of the game, the D tier did not need to be included.

The following criteria form the basis of this tier list: Damage result, Resilience, PvE and PvP viability and versatility ability needed to perform well.


In Black Desert Online, S-Tier members hold the highest level of power. Their combat variety is astounding, and they have outstanding survivability mechanics and a massive damage output.

They are formidable in both PvP and PvE. If you want to do well in BDO, you should enroll in these classes:

S-tier classes can win the majority of in-game situations because of their strength. They can deal much damage like the SS-tier classes, although it could take some skill and repetition. They excel in both PvP and PvE and are adaptable.

  • Striker
  • Lahn
  • Hashashin
  • Guardian

Strikers’ resistance to magic gives them significant damage, control, and inherent durability. Although they are a pretty easy class to learn because they are frequently the main targets in Guild vs. Guild, location is crucial. Nonetheless, individuals who choose a low-risk but enriching play style will love this class.


Though they aren’t the strongest in the current meta, the classes in this tier are still good choices for players. They are not the most well-rounded people generally, but they do well in certain situations. On the other hand, success in these classes can be significantly enhanced by mastery.

  • Valkyrie
  • Shai
  • Dark Knight
  • Sorceress
  • Ninja

In addition to having a very high burst and power balance, valkyries are typically robust. Though this class requires much work, the rewards include excellent skill and combination damage.

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These BDO classes are solid options, even if they might not be as strong or flexible as those in higher tiers. However, they have limitations or weaknesses, so you have to play more wisely. This tier includes the following classes:

  • Mystic
  • Corsair
  • Wizard
  • Sage
  • Warrior
  • Witch
  • Nova
  • Maehwa

The Mystic class can use strong Awakening skills. They are very strong in PvE configurations, but in PvP and Guild vs Guild, ranged classes readily outclass them.


It could take a lot more time and work to achieve comparable results from these classes compared to those in higher tiers. Though these are usually less effective or valuable, they may have unique play styles or skills that appeal to certain players.

  • Archer
  • Kunoichi
  • Tamer
  • Drakania

Archers can deal a fair amount of damage, but their need for gear makes them entirely dependent; it will take a lot of time and money to utilize their potential fully. Although they are skilled ranged combatants, they must always maintain a safe distance from their adversaries.

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Final Words

These are the classes that Black Desert Online is now offering. With the release of the Land of the Morning Light expansion, this is the ideal moment to play the game if you’ve been thinking about doing so.

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