Touhou Tower Assault Codes

Gensokyo Development published Touhou Tower Assault. In the Roblox game, Touhou Lakeside Defense, be ready for furious tower defense combat! With this inventive mashup, hordes of attacking enemies confront the Touhou universe.

Your objective is to stop hordes of newly emerged Lake Fairies before they can arrive at the courtyard lake’s beach of a large mansion. With over fifty Touhou characters that may be upgraded, you can assemble the best defense team possible.

You can fine-tune your defensive plan as you advance by having the chance to buy new units that are more appropriate for particular duties. In Touhou Tower Assault, codes grant you Gold, Crystals, and Talent Shards.

These funds are essential for replacing your old devices and making upgrades. While gold and crystals are needed for purchases and upgrades, talent shards can be utilized to grant your units unique powers.  V

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Touhou Tower Assault Codes

  • Long Delay—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards (New)
  • 4 Million Visits—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards (New)
  • 3 Million Visits—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards
  • 3.5 Million Visits—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards
  • 10k Favorites—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards
  • 1.25 Million Visits—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards
  • 500k Visits—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards, 300 Coins, and 200 Crystals
  • 5000 Likes—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards, 300 Coins, and 200 Crystals
  • 1000 Favorites—Redeem for 12 Talent Shards, 300 Coins, and 200 Crystals

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How To Redeem These codes

To redeem codes in Touhou Tower Assault, follow the guidelines provided below.

  • Open Touhou Tower Assault on Roblox.
  • To access the Enter Code text field, click the Gifts button on the screen’s left side.
  • Put functional codes in the text field labeled “Enter Code.”
  • To redeem your complimentary gift, hit Enter.

How using the codes enhances your gaming experience

Redeeming these codes can improve your defense line faster, which will give you an advantage in warding off the Lake Fairies and winning the game.

If you’re a huge fan, you’ll be happy to hear that the Touhou game series is now beginning to receive some more attention on the Roblox Platform.

Assemble as many of your favorite characters as you can in this thrilling Tower Defense game, then take the fight directly to the enemy by utilizing a range of unique skills and codes to aid you along the way. There are also lots more codes that you can use to start building a sizable army rapidly.

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About the game

In the tower defense game Touhou Tower Assault for the Roblox platform, players can erect their defensive line of units in the nighttime courtyard of an enormous house. The primary goal is to eliminate the Lake Fairies as they emerge from the mansion and before they enter the lake in waves.

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